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Tess studied fashion design at LaSalle College, in Montreal. Throughout 2003-2014, Tess focused on creating a well-balanced experience as a fashion designer. She worked with clients, individually, either in a personal shopping element or as altiere, to produce one of a kind items. Tess built pop up shops, with product from many well-known Canadian designers, catered to her clientele.

In 2011, Tess decided to develop her own line of organic knitwear for a woman, which was sustainably produced in Toronto. Tess Barbieri’s line would sell throughout Ontario, in boutique shops, as well pop up shops, and events. During this time, Tess was a member of Toronto Fashion Incubator, as well as Fashion Takes Action. Tess also took part in a Nuit Blanche event for Art of Fashion, creating one of kind costumes.


In 2014, Tess decided it was time for a change, and shifted her focus to film and television. Since then Tess has taken her many years of experience in the fashion design field and applied it to costume design. It is with this strong background in pattern drafting, production, understanding of fit, form and fabrics, that Tess is a very profitable asset on any project.

Tess takes the same golden rule of learning and working in every element in film, as she did in fashion. Tess has experience as a production designer, an art director, stylist, as well a costume designer. Tess brings many strong elements to costume design. Understanding the male and female form and executing a well-tailored wardrobe for her characters is just one of her strengths. Tess has an extensive knowledge in historical fashion, costume breakdown, aging and dying of fabrics.

The many years, Tess worked in the fashion industry has also created a strong background and contacts in order to develop many costume building projects. Tess has an amazing team of assistants, set supervisors, costume builders and even prop makers in order to give a fluid work experience.

web page by:  FrancesClancyDesign.com